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Playlist #433: Feel Good Friday Ducks

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40 minutes of songs about ducks! Let’s get down!
  1. Rubber Duckie by Ernie; Sesame Street
  2. Be Like a Duck by Keith Boynton
  3. Funky Duck by Vulfpeck; Vulf
  4. Macho Duck by Chorus – Mickey Mouse Disco
  5. The Duck – O Pato by Jon Hendricks
  6. Ducks Anthem (Anaheim Ducks) [Extended Mix] by Hot Stadium; The Stadium Players
  7. DUCK DUCK GOOSE by dwilly
  8. Be Kind To Your Web-Footed Friends by Mitch Miller
  9. I Want a New Duck by “Weird Al” Yankovic
  10. Disco Duck – Pt. 1 Vocal by Rick Dees And His Cast Of Idiots
  11. The Duck by Jackie Lee
  12. Ducks on the Wall by The Kinks
  13. Darkwing Duck Theme by The Disney Afternoon Studio Chorus
  14. Moby Duck by The Longest Johns
  15. March of the Sinister Ducks by The Sinister Ducks
  16. Howard The Duck by Dolby’s Cube; Cherry Bomb
  17. Put Down the Duckie by Ernie; Hoots the Owl; Sesame Street

Available on Spotify and YouTube.

There’s a great jazz version of Put Down The Duckie on the album Open Sesame by Fiedler.

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