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Plalist #434: Weird

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These are songs that I know my, ahem, more mature friends will find weird. Weird is subjective. If it’s here it means I like it. At least one is not that weird but just too good to not include.
  1. Gangsta by Tune-Yards
  3. Coffee by Jack Stauber’s Micropop
  4. Hëłlœ Kįttÿ by Alice Longyu Gao
  5. Existential Crisis Hour! by Kilo Kish
  6. Pocket Crocodile by Kero Kero Bonito
  7. Look Away, Look Away by The Go! Team; Star Feminine Band
  8. Chocolate Samurai by Fantastic Negrito
  9. Bored of Men by Mhaol
  10. 100 Boyfriends by Alice Longyu Gao
  11. Bird Tutorial by Sidney Gish
  12. Plumage by Menomena
  13. Gloss by Laundromat
  14. “Listen to Your Heart.” “No.” by Cheekface
  15. Cloud Nein by Man Man

Available on Spotify and YouTube.

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