Morning Dance Parties Playlists

Playlist #469: FGF Pittsburgh

  1. All in My Blood (Pittsburgh Sound) – Radio Edit by Wiz Khalifa
  2. Until Next Time by The Buckle Downs
  3. Get What’s Mine For You by Jack Swing
  4. D.U.I. by Locks & Dams; Bobby Valentine
  5. Alright, All Ready! by Bindley Hardware Co.
  6. Tar Pit by Fuck Yeah, Dinosaurs!
  7. Heart Dance by Mars Jackson
  8. Who Dat Mama by The Commonheart
  9. I Don’t Care by Tiny Wars
  10. Hot Feng by Century III
  11. They Say I’m Different by Betty Davis
  12. Take My Heart And Break It by Nox Boys
  13. Wop De Wop by Beauty Slap
  14. I’m So Saur (Lullaby Instrumental) by Fuck Yeah, Dinosaurs!

Available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music.

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