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Spooky Week 2022

Spooky Week 2022

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A whole week’s worth of spooky music, 3 hours and 21 minutes you can enjoy this entire pre-Halloween weekend and Halloween, too!
  1. Heffalumps and Woozles by Disney Studio Chorus
  2. Ghosts in the Shower by Chong the Nomad
  3. Monster Mashup by Pomplamoose; Tessa Violet
  4. Red Alert – Jaxx Radio Mix by Basement Jaxx
  5. Cruella De Vil – From “101 Dalmatians”/Soundtrack Version by Dr. John
  6. The Blob by The Five Blobs
  7. The Purple People Eater by Sheb Wooley
  8. (You’re The) Devil In Disguise by Elvis Presley
  9. Toxic by Britney Spears
  10. Love Potion Number Nine – Stereo Version by The Searchers
  11. Castin’ My Spell by Johnny Otis; Marci Lee
  12. Taint No Sin (To Take Off Your Skin) by Fred Hall
  13. The Boogie Man by The Jackson 5
  14. Rasputin by Boney M.
  15. Oogie Boogie’s Song by Ed Ivory; Ken Page
  16. Out Of Limits by The Ventures
  17. Halloween by Siouxsie and the Banshees
  18. Haunted Heart by Christina Aguilera
  19. I Did Something Bad by Taylor Swift
  20. Stop, I’m Already Dead by Deadboy & The Elephantmen
  21. The Hand That Feeds by Nine Inch Nails
  22. Black Dresses by The Builders and The Butchers
  23. Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing by Chris Isaak
  24. Dead Man’s Party by Oingo Boingo
  25. Turn Around by They Might Be Giants
  26. Ghost Town by The Vaccines
  27. Addams Family Theme by Various Artists
  28. Season of the Witch by Donovan
  29. Minnie the Moocher (Theme Song) by Cab Calloway
  30. Weird Science by Oingo Boingo
  31. Boris The Spider – Mono Version by The Who
  32. Say My Name by Alex Brightman; Sophia Anne Caruso; Kerry Butler; Rob McClure
  33. The Magic by Joan As Police Woman
  34. Werewolf Bar Mitzvah by Jeff Richmond; Tracy Morgan
  35. Main Title by Siddhartha Khosla
  36. The Revenge by Oh the City
  37. I Was A Teenage Werewolf – Remastered by The Cramps
  38. Halloween Parade by Lou Reed
  39. The Whole “Being Dead” Thing by Alex Brightman; Beetlejuice Original Broadway Cast Recording Ensemble
  40. This is Halloween – Pop Version by Marilyn Manson
  41. Killer Game by FreshmanSound
  42. You’re Dead by Norma Tanega
  43. Run Boy Run by Woodkid
  44. Supermassive Black Hole by Muse
  45. Abra Cadaver by The Hives
  46. Your Teeth In My Neck by Kali Uchis
  47. Eat Them Apples by Suzi Wu
  48. ZENIT by ONUKA
  49. Wolf Totem by The HU
  50. Zombie Prom by Kaiser Chiefs
  51. Beautiful My Monster by Husky Rescue
  52. Monster Mash by Bobby “Boris” Pickett; The Crypt-Kickers
  53. Werewolves of London – 2007 Remaster by Warren Zevon
  54. Raise Hell by Brandi Carlile
  55. Villain by Bella Poarch
  56. Spirit Halloween Theme Song by Nick Lutsko
  57. You Make Me Feel Like It’s Halloween by Muse
  58. Time Warp by Little Nell; Patricia Quinn; Richard O’Brien
  59. Violet Stars Happy Hunting!!! (feat. The Skunks) by Janelle Monáe
  60. Thriller by Michael Jackson
  61. A Nightmare on My Street by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince

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