Morning Dance Parties Playlists

Playlist #154: BABY BLUE

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Going back in time with this list of Japanese music I just love.
  1. BABY BLUE by Fishmans
  2. I Thought It Was You by 笠井 紀美子; Herbie Hancock
  3. タイムマシーン・ラヴ by 流線形
  4. ゆめうつつ by Lamp
  5. プールサイドにて by UWANOSORA
  6. ビュッフェにて by Yumi Matsutoya
  7. THE TOKYO TASTE by Raji
  8. 落ち葉を踏み分ける by SPORTS MEN
  9. 『82.99 F.M』 by Macross 82-99

Available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music.

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