Morning Dance Parties Playlists

D0396: Free My People

Album art
Songs from African artists and artists inspired by African traditions.
  1. Tire Loma da Nigbehin by Monomono
  2. Jawa Jawa by Akalé Wubé
  3. Keep Rising – The Woman King by Jessy Wilson; Angelique Kidjo
  4. Love, Today by Preyé; LADIPOE
  5. Heaven by Ebo Taylor
  6. Joy by Falana
  7. Beautiful Africa by Rokia Traoré
  8. Free My People by Joni Haastrup
  9. Different (feat. Damian Marley & Angelique Kidjo) by Burna Boy; Angelique Kidjo; Damian Marley
  10. The Volcano Song by The Budos Band

Available on Spotify, YouTube, and Amazon.

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